Personalised Christmas books review and giveaway

Ever since the last time I reviewed products for Stuck on you I have been a fan.

I’ve stalked them on their Facebook page looking for specials and new items. I’ve checked out their Twitter feed occasionally but I’m not so much of a twitter girl myself. I also receive regular email updates from them.

When I saw the advertisement for the Personalised Christmas Books I just had to get my hands on some. I contacted the friendly staff and am so fortunate to not only be able to review the books but to giveaway one personalised Christmas book to one lucky reader.

Keep reading and take the time to enter because this something you’re not going to want to miss.


There are four books available in the collection although two of them are simply male and female versions of the same. I chose the male one for William, the female one for my beloved niece Isabella one uni-sex one for my daughter Alexis and one for my newborn niece bundle of gorgeousness miss Josephine.

The stories are quite cute. They all involve Santa and a ride in his sleigh but the way in which they end up there is different for the three stories. The individual stories have different tones and this is displayed in the different page colours and fonts chosen. The ‘O Hark’ book has contrasting block colours with a simple bold font and is great for catching gazes of babies. The boy one and girl one are colourful and fun and feature rhyming text throughout. The Christmas Charm book puts the child (in my case Alexis, or more accurately her current nickname “Lexi Joy”) being the hero of Christmas by saving the big fat man in the red suit from a tight squeeze. I seemed to choose the right book for each child without knowing, it’s always nice when that happens.

The best thing about these story books is that it puts the child in the centre of the action. They love hearing their name read. Older children love seeing their name printed. It is a great way to keep them engaged in reading because, hey, it’s a story all about them.

They all come with cute mini activity books full of quick Christmas activities for little hands. My Lexi was incredibly excited by this. It’s a nice addition.

Being a Christian myself I tend to get a little upset by Christmas things that are focused solely on Santa and receiving presents. I would be overjoyed at the thought of a book that features “Lexi Joy” being a shepherd in the field that heard the angel and went to see the baby Jesus in the manger of the stable, or “William” the wise man who followed the star to see the infant king. It might be nice to read a book about “Isabella” who put up the Christmas tree, went to church to watch a Christmas play and made a present for her mummy and daddy. I think there are other ways to show a child a love of Christmas. … HOWEVER…

There’s plenty of fiction in our children’s lives and as far as I’m concerned Santa is no more dangerous than Peppa Pig or Olivia or Bananas in Pyjamas or Dora the Explorer. I have decided not to keep my children from stories about Santa and reindeer and elves. I think fostering imagination in children is important. I think that when included in a balanced view of Christmas and life in general, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of magic every now and then.

Especially when it creates beautiful family bonding moments like this.


As my sister says about the books I chose for her children:

Very cute. I think it is the kind of gift where the magic is in the reading… The more theatrically you read the story, the more my children enjoy that they are in it. Like any story, it depends on the imaginations of the child. And needs to be read in the right ‘window’ of time.

The stuck on you personalised Christmas books are a great way to get your child engrossed in a story. The colourful, happy, interesting stories are entertaining and fun and the children get a kick out of being the star of the show. The stories end with it being “the best Christmas ever”, followed by a message we can all agree on.


They are gifts that keep on giving and again and as long as we look after them they will last for years to come.


Now here’s the fun part.

For your chance to win your very own personalised Christmas book for a special child in your life simply leave me a comment describing your best Christmas ever. Feel free to make one up, just mention that in the comment.

Entries close Friday 7th December. Winner will be contacted by email.


21 Replies to “Personalised Christmas books review and giveaway”

  1. My best christmas ever was when I was about 13 and it was typically hot, Queensland Christmas Day. Despite the heat mum had made a delicious full roast lunch. We also had a fruit platter that wasn’t surviving well in the heat so we put it in the freezer. Needless to say, we forgot about it and by the time we’d taken it out all the fruit was frozen. None of it was immediately edible except the grapes, which were delicious frozen. Now every christmas lunch I can’t help but think about frozen grapes! Mmmmm…… 🙂

  2. My best christmas was last year for the obvious reason that it was my little girls first! It was fantastic to share christmas as a new family. It honestly felt like I was the kid again, going to see santa with her and helping her unwrap all of the presents. Children put the magic in Christmas

  3. When young, I was cricket mad. Every day I walked past the sports store and saw this beautiful bat. But I knew better than to ask for it.I just talked about it, mainly to my brother. You see, Mum was a widow (for the 3rd time) struggling and going without herself to do her best for us eight kids she was left with (2 boys and 6 girls). We lived in a rented, dilapidated old house with no running hot water and many kids to a room.
    But come Christmas morning, that cricket bat was under the tree! Mum just smiled and winked at me.
    My talk must have been over-heard and somehow she must have scrimped, saved, and gone without even more herself to afford it.
    I never did find out how she did it.
    She went home to her Lord in 2003.
    But this Christmas, as always, that sacrificial gift from my beautiful, loving Mum comes to mind. And yes, a tear or two may flow.

  4. My best Xmas ever was when my grandchildren came to Australia to celebrate xmas with me from Norway. The best thing is they will arrive next week to spend xmas with me and their Pop. Josephine 4 and Anders 6 are the sweetest little vikings.

  5. My favourite Christmas memory actually comes from the cleaning up afterwards. I, along with my cousins, was always conscripted into washing dishes so the adults could have some bludge time. We always had the best time cleaning! We would talk and laugh and flick tea towels and bargain over who did what job. For some reason, those are the times that stick in my mind, not the presents, not the food, not even the games we played together. Those things were all fun, but washing the dishes was the best!
    Imnjoying reading about everyone’s best Christmas memories, it’s made me happy for the rest of the day 🙂

  6. My best Christmas ever, the kids sleep the whole night through, slept in actually. I woke to discover my Christmas wish had come true and 40 kilos had melted away over night and Santa had left me lots of diamonds!!!!!

  7. My best Christmas ever was when my family found out that my nephew went into remission from cancer two days prior to christmas. What a treat =)

  8. Last Christmas it was, when under the tree…
    I found giftwrapped and labelled, “Just for me”…
    the gorgeous BRAD PITT – he was now all mine!
    Okay, I made that up…but it’s a festive dream divine!

  9. Ok, so it’s materialistic but I wanted a Cabbage patch kid soooo badly when I was in grade 7 at primary school. My birthday is early December but I didn’t get one and was devastated. On Christmas morning I unwrapped two – twins!

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