Keep your hands happy this summer

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Some of you might think I’m a bit of a sell-out doing a free review for hand soap but the fact of the matter is that in a mother’s world soap can be a big deal. It’s not that our worlds are small, it’s just that we wash our hands an awful lot. Have you ever counted the amount of times you wash your hands in a day? Even just an hour? I’ve never counted because as we used to do in science when counting colonies on agar plates I just call it too many too count.

Mums want clean hands when preparing food for little tummies and tickling little chins. We also get our hands dirty when wiping little bottoms and cutting raw meat and making mud pies and rescuing little hands from whatever they’ve got themselves into.

So I wash my hands a lot and sometimes it hurts. I used to have such horrible sores on my hands from dry skin. Moisturising helps heaps but really, trying to do it any more regularly than once or twice a day was just too much.

This is where new dettol touch of foam hand wash comes in handy. (haha I’m hilarious.)

Being dettol, you can trust that this product kills 99.9% of germs, yet it is surprisingly soft and gentle on skin. The foam nature of the product means it doesn’t drip, at all, it’s so easy to apply and quick to wash off. The microbubbles moisturise your skin while you’re at it.

It’s really rather clever isn’t it but the factor that sells it to me: it smells great. I was sent ‘Rose and Cherry in Bloom’ and I like it so much I don’t even intend to try the other two fragrances but if you’re interested they are Jasmine & Almond Dream and Wild Berry Bliss.
Once your convenient 250mL pump is empty you can use a value 500mL refill
but it is best to buy their special pump first rather than trying to use it in an old pump you had lying around because the pump is a special one that turns the liquid into the bubbles. Such lovely cool soft bubbles, my daughter keeps begging to wash her hands.

Do yourself a favour and grab some before you start peeling prawns this summer.

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