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Monthly Archives: November 2012

The end-of-the-month anniversary challenge

Have you seen my stuck on you personalised Christmas book review and giveaway yet? Four years ago I got my hair done, got my make-up done, wore a rather expensive dress and carried a rather heavy costly bouquet of lillies. I walked down an isle while people stared at me before being given away to […]


Personalised Christmas books review and giveaway

Ever since the last time I reviewed products for Stuck on you I have been a fan. I’ve stalked them on their Facebook page looking for specials and new items. I’ve checked out their Twitter feed occasionally but I’m not so much of a twitter girl myself. I also receive regular email updates from them. […]


Keep your hands happy this summer

This post is part of product talk by Nuffnang. Some of you might think I’m a bit of a sell-out doing a free review for hand soap but the fact of the matter is that in a mother’s world soap can be a big deal. It’s not that our worlds are small, it’s just that […]


This is why I shouldn’t clean

The more I clean the more I notice mess around me. The more I do the more I realise is still to be done. The tidier a room the more one little mark seems to belch out a tune with gusto “you can’t catch me.” This is why I don’t clean. No I’m kidding. I […]