DIY cheap disposable dolls house

Friday morning saw the return of the smoke. Alexis’ legs still were not healed properly. William was still a little unsettled. None of us wanted another day inside being frozen by the aircon in the lounge room but it definitely was an inside day.

I knew that the kids needed me to step up. I needed to be fun, I needed to lead, I needed to give them something to do and more than anything they needed me. For all the excitement that had been happening they were overdue for some quality time just the three of us. So was I. Yet it had to be something different, sitting in front of a DVD wasn’t going to cut it.

So I said a little prayer or ten and wandered through my house looking for inspiration. I was reminded of something I had seen on mister maker many months ago where he used a wipe packet to do a picture of a door. I expanded on that to use it as an actual door. I raided my recycling box and found an empty muffin box. I then raided my “useful box” (which is pretty sad due to the young ages of my kids) and found a kitchen towel roll.

So, with those things, some glue, some scissors and some masking tape we made a cardboard house and cardboard dolls. We made a family of four but sadly one of them didn’t make it. It got Williamed. I then grabbed an old newspaper to use to make a tree. I was happy to colour newspaper green but I happened to find a green page which saved us some time.

It was a really fun time for us all.

Here’s roughly how we did it.

– cut or unstick plastic open/close/door-thingy off a wipe packet

– position it on cardboard box to make a door.
– draw around it or inside it and roughly cut out the area to make a hole.
– Alexis and I covered the edges of the hole with masking tape both to remote any sharp bits and to strengthen it.
– stick on ‘door’. We used glue but then needed to tape it on because the glue didn’t like sticking to the masking tape. Just don’t put tape over the clasp.
– tape box closed (if not done earlier)
– decorate it! Alexis would have spent longer making it pretty and unique if her little brother wasn’t so cranky.


– cut kitchen roll into 4 pieces.
– give them faces and other features
– we drew on hair and shirts and faces
If I did it again I would happily let Alexis decorate them more interestingly such as sticking on felt clothes or wool hair however I was trying to do the dolls with her to show her the concept before she destroyed the box

– cut another piece of kitchen roll to desired length or use toilet roll if you can guarantee it is clean 😉
– rip up newspaper into strips approximately the size of an adult finger (paint it green before you rip it if you want or use green paper etc)
– make a big loop of masking tape to act like double sided tape, wrap around top of kitchen roll
– stick paper to roll, but bend the tip of the paper down inside the kitchen roll. Do this for circumference of roll. Stick some tape around the inside of the roll as well.
– Lexi then coloured the trunk brown because we had used a white roll. It’d probably be better to do that before we stuck the newspaper on.


As you can see I’m definitely not an art teacher, however, we had a really good time doing it and it gave Alexis at least half an hour of fun playing with it afterwards. She was in her element putting the little dollies in the house and marching them out again.

I had some cool photos of the kids both playing nicely with them together. Unfortunately I took them on my video camera and although I was certain I had double checked it was on memory card it was actually on film. I don’t know how to digitalise it so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I did however get some wonderful photos of us going ‘camping’ later that afternoon. I post all about that sometime soon but for now off to bed.

Goodnight world.


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