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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Butt-faced miscreants

Monday night saw me getting up to the kids six or seven times. They wake a lot when daddy is away. Part of their routine is missing, his snore is missing. They cling closer to me when he’s not around as a sort of biological insurance policy. I understand this but that doesn’t mean I […]


Camping in the dining room

Written Monday night Friday was another inside day due to fire smoke. We made a cardboard dollhouse in the morning and had a lovely lunch but still the kids were restless. So in the afternoon we went camping inside. It’s very simple to set up a campsite indoors, all you have to do is drape […]


DIY cheap disposable dolls house

Friday morning saw the return of the smoke. Alexis’ legs still were not healed properly. William was still a little unsettled. None of us wanted another day inside being frozen by the aircon in the lounge room but it definitely was an inside day. I knew that the kids needed me to step up. I […]


Water bombing and running away.

It’s been a big few days. Not long after I wrote the post milk and fire on Tuesday I could not stand the smell of the inside bins any longer. So I gathered all our rubbish and braved the outside world the get to the wheely bin. The air was thick and heavy and smelly […]