Butt-faced miscreants

Monday night saw me getting up to the kids six or seven times. They wake a lot when daddy is away. Part of their routine is missing, his snore is missing. They cling closer to me when he’s not around as a sort of biological insurance policy. I understand this but that doesn’t mean I like it.

William was so unsettled that I ended up taking him into bed with me. He fed, climbed up onto my face and fell asleep instantly. He stayed there until I couldn’t breathe and pushed him off, after which the cycle would start again. Fun fun fun.

Tuesday morning saw me babysitting my niece Isabella for the third Tuesday this month. It’s always been a last minute thing while Manda had unexpected appointments, it just turned out that way that it was always Tuesday! She’s so used to it now, we all are, so she slotted in quite well.


Dad then brought a BBQ chicken and some bread back with Manda and baby Josephine. She slotted in quite well too.

It was lovely spending some time with our visitors and having lunch provided was great and dad even cleaned up before he left but I greatly missed the mid-day lull that I have grown accustomed to. I’m trying to wean myself off it anyway but after the tough night I had Monday it was hard to cope by the end. I need time-out from noise in my day to stay sane.

Once we said goodbye I manufactured a quick quiet moment but then William woke (yes he slept through cyclone cousins) and was very restless so we hit the shops looking for a new bin as the one we put nappies in has died. I couldn’t find a decent affordable useful sized bin but I didn’t walk out of the shops empty handed. I thought for quite awhile now that it was time to start preparing for gamsat. So I bought myself a 5-subject lecture book and I bought a pink lecture pad for Alexis and a blue lecture pad for William to keep them occupied while I’ll be studying.

Alexis was so excited that as soon as we got home we had to crack open the books. This kid is gonna go far, she was in her element. Even William got involved.


Then Corey rang to Skype us and I realise just how tired I was in just about every sense of the word. I gave the kids ice cream at 5pm because I needed something sugary and that’s all we had. I then fed us corn and sweet potato and carrot and fish (and chips)…

I let the kids run riot for a few hours before bed. I remember saying to them, “both of you are to go to sleep in your own beds and stay there until the sun comes up, do you understand? Mummy is cranky and tired and needs sleep to get better.” Ha!

At 11pm I gave in and let William into bed with me. He’d woken three or four times before that. I managed to convince him to sleep on my arm instead of my face. At about 2am I woke to find that I actually had two blonde bombshells in bed with me. William was horizontal across the bed with his head buried into me and Alexis was lying beside him. It was hilariously cute but it freaked me out a little that I hadn’t noticed Alexis come in. It was too dangerous for my liking.

Self-preservation rule number one is go to the toilet in peace before waking children or doing anything that might potentially wake children, such as attempting to move them and/or take a photo. I obeyed this rule, as I am not a total idiot. The toilet light woke William, who repositioned himself before going back to sleep.

This is what I walked out to.



I still crack up laughing at the thought of it.

I was tempted to leave them as they were both sleeping happily but thought better of it. I woke Alexis, made her move over, and had to feed William again to get him to settle. William kept edging closer to me and Alexis kept snuggling in closer to William. William kept turning around screaming at Alexis to stop touching him and stop trying to steal me I think, it’s hard to translate what a high-pitched squeal means in the early hours of the morning.

So we went on an excursion to help Alexis go to the toilet and put her back to bed. William kept screaming and pulling at my trousers climbing up my legs. What do you want from me kid? If you don’t want Alexis in with us and you won’t sleep in your cot then be patient and let me tuck her in. It’s not brain surgery, although for a one year old clingy mumma’s boy it might as well be.

I love that my children love me. It’s quite flattering that they fight over me. It’s sweet that they want to sleep in the big bed because it smells like daddy but I just want them to sleep in their own rooms so I can sleep deeply and peacefully at night and so continue to be a functional member of this family during the day.

I’m coping though. Somehow. It helps that they are hilarious.

I love my little butt-faced miscreants.