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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Toilet training part 2

I had kind of hoped that Alexis would be nappy-free by now. Well at least during the day. She’s not… But she is doing really well.. Or is she? I didn’t have to clean up any accidents yesterday, only two accidents the day before… It’s not because she is potty trained as such, it’s because […]


“My poo-poo coming out!”

Hi all. have you entered the stuck on you giveaway? Today is the last day. Last week I attempted to start toilet training Alexis. The weather was a bit warmer than it had been, I had slept fairly well for a few nights and so was feeling pretty well, and she was displaying some key […]


Couldn’t have done it without ‘Grr Grr’!

The other morning I was dawdling a bit, unsure of whether I was going to take the kids to playgroup or not, when I received a phone call from my dad. “Hi Karls, I’m in the area, just wondering if you need some help with playgroup today?” “Yes please! We’re at a park today.” So […]


Be anxious for nothing

I wrote this on Tuesday morning but didn’t want to interfere with my giveaway post so you get it now. Have you entered the stuck on you giveaway yet? The kids went to bed quite early last night. I had both of them asleep by 7:30pm. William slept through until 4am. You’d think I’d be […]