Toilet training part 2

I had kind of hoped that Alexis would be nappy-free by now. Well at least during the day. She’s not… But she is doing really well.. Or is she?

I didn’t have to clean up any accidents yesterday, only two accidents the day before… It’s not because she is potty trained as such, it’s because
A) I’m getting better at insisting she try to use the potty every so often (even though she is frustrated because she doesn’t need to go as much as I ask her too)
B) she’s getting better at wee-ing on cue
C) I’m getting better at reading her body language for her
D) when she gets really tired towards the end of the evening I put her back in nappies
D) if we are doing something really interesting and time-consuming she has to do a wee first or I’ll let her wear a nappy

I had always expected I would do an all-or-nothing approach to toilet training where once you start a toddler in undies you don’t look back. I gave up on that fairly quickly. It would be fine if I had a week or so to devote entirely to my daughter, her bodily functions and the mess that ensued. I gave her a few days of almost undivided attention but it got too much. The house needed attention, the meals needed to be cooked, fathers day presents needed to be bought or made… Most importantly I underestimated the impact that toilet training Alexis would have on William.


So last Saturday we had a nappy day (as I said last post) and last Sunday we put a nappy on her to head to the park (as said last post). Monday we were straight back in to toilet training with few hiccups but I gave her Tuesday off for playgroup.


Wednesday saw her straight back into undies with no accidents at all until the afternoon. Yesterday she wore nappies all day until we started baking in the late arvo. I didn’t want to be covered in flour while trying to help her get her way to the toilet and I certainly didn’t want any accidents in my kitchen…

I had never thought I would be half-hearted with toilet training. I thought it would be too confusing for her. I do believe that it is best for her toilet awareness to be consistent. I just also think the needs of the entire family have to be taken into consideration.

Every day she is in undies during the day is saving us money. Every time she successfully uses the potty or toilet she’s increasing her self-esteem. Every time I clean up accidents without a fuss I’m learning too. If there’s times when an accident would just cause too much drama then training pants or nappies it is. There’s little point setting myself up to fail and there’s no point neglecting William and there’s little to be gained from rushing things..

After all, she’s going to be all grown up all too soon anyway.

I will keep her in nappies at night for a while longer yet, especially considering her affinity for MY bed. I got up to feed William early this morning and when I got back…


You gotta be quick around here.