Dear hubby: you missed…

Hi Corey,
I know it’s sometimes hard for you to slot back in when you get home from working away. It’s especially hard when I don’t tell you what’s changed. I sometimes just expect you to somehow just know what’s been happening and if anything has changed. That’s not very helpful is it?

Seeing as quite a few things have changed this particular time, here’s a heads up of what’s been happening while you were away.

Tuesday: raining. Cold. We baked muffins. Banana and strawberry. They were delicious. Don’t worry you wouldn’t have liked them, they were 97% fat-free.

As Alexis was ‘helping’, we made them on the little yellow table. I spilled some flour on it and Alexis yelled at me for making a big mess on her table.

We blew bubbles on the back patio. I rearranged a few things to make more room. I tried to throw out my old sneakers that have been out there for about a year but Alexis wouldn’t let me. She was convinced they were your shoes.

William ate some weird thing off the patio. I’m not exactly sure what it was. It came back up quickly no real problems. Same with the stickers off the toybox.

Both kids love playing the keyboard much more than I love listening to them. Alexis in bed before 6:30. William in bed by 8. William up a zillion times over night.

Wednesday: raining. Cold. We took the bins out anyway. The kids thought it was hilarious.

I changed the toy rotation. I finally took the noisy wiggles guitar away. It’s in William’s room if you need to know.

I got sick of looking at the clutter on the bookshelf so I got rid of it. Most things are in new homes, some things are in the study, many got pitched.

I dragged the little white bookshelf to the hallway. It looks good there but it looks lonely. I might buy another one to go next to it. I have some birthday money left. Then maybe you might stop leaving books in the bathroom? 😉

I collapsed the 8-seater kitchen table back to a 6 seater. I didn’t think this would be a problem seeing as we only have 5 chairs left. I did it because Alexis kept wobbling it while eating and William kept hanging off it while cruising. It’s more stable as a smaller table. It also make the dining room seem much bigger.

I dragged the kids foam puzzle tile mat over to the side of the dining room in front of the kids toy kitchen. I did this because William kept falling over while playing in the toy kitchen. The foam tiles are much nicer to fall on than the kitchen tiles. Both kids love it over there. It’s a wonderful play area. I moved the yellow table and chair there and the wooden blocks.

The brown shaggy mat that was in front of the tv is now on the side of the loungeroom where the foam tiles were. The toyboxes are beside the mat not on it. I want to keep it that way. It’s nice for lying around, wrestling, playing row your boat etc. The rocking horse is now back in the loungeroom because I got sick of tripping over it in the bedroom.

I pushed the coffee table and mat and big lounge closer to the tv. It opens up the dining room nicely but its main purpose is so that Alexis can see the tv from the couch. I’m sick of her standing right in front of the tv. It’ll be good for watching tv at night once we get the kids to bed too. We will be able to hear it on lower volume.

I emptied every single toybox and moved three of four couches but I still can’t find the tv remote. Sorry. Maybe it’s in the pantry.

Oh by the way I vacuumed all the tile areas. William rode the vacuum cleaner. Probably not safe. Definitely not wise. But a nice change from him eating the lint, hair and rocks as I try to vacuum them.

Mum and dad came over for dinner. William is getting so good at cruising. I said that he is not allowed to try to walk until you get home.

Dad did Alexis hair. She’s growing up too fast.


Then she chucked a tantrum because I wouldn’t let her have juice at bedtime. She was up a zillion times over night. William slept well. Oh the irony.

Alexis up at 5:30 or something evil anyway. She lets herself out of her room now. Just a heads up. So it’s very important to keep the gate to William’s room and the garage closed as fortunately she hasn’t hacked that one yet. We have left Alexis’ gate there because it is still good enough to keep William out. All girls need their privacy you know. Except mothers apparently. She got into my makeup. Fortunately all she did was use my blue eye pencil to draw on my blusher case. The eye shadow pencil thingy was from my year 10 immersion graduation so needed to be thrown out anyway.

I de-cluttered the first aide cabinet, next to the microwave and the kitchen bench. The curly-haired terrorist demanded balloons in exchange for not waking William up. Fair trade. The soda stream machine is next to the baby bottles for the moment. I kind of like it there because I get lots more room on the main bench.

Alexis tried to feed William chocolate eggs while I was on the toilet. Not the best thing to find two unwrapped eggs beside underneath him in the highchair. Not sure where she found chocolate.

Alexis chucked a tanty about juice again. Grr. I put her to bed at 5pm. Stuff it. That’s the good thing about winter and you away, the kids don’t know what time it is. She woke at 11:30 ish but then slept til 6:30 am.

Friday. William up for the day at 4am. I really missed you this morning. I’m getting so tired. William spewed everywhere a few times. Is it possible he could be allergic to lamb? Or yoghurt? One of the other. He had both on Thursday. Neither are new. Maybe he actually ate a chocolate. Could Alexis have found three? Oh dear.

I filled up some pop top bottles with juice for Alexis for swimming tomorrow. They leaked everywhere. So annoying. So sick of juice. From now on I am only buying pop tops and Alexis is only getting one a week after swimming. We might have to hide them in your toolbox. I’m only half joking.

I really need a nice long shower. I stink. My hair is disgusting.

I tried to get some folding/hanging done. William tried to eat a few socks. Alexis saw I was dressed before midday and thought we must be going out. She was disappointed when I said no. I persevered with the folding despite two cranky children because, you know, we need clothes.. Eventually she disappeared.

Realizing both kids were too quiet I went out to the loungeroom to find Alexis had found and opened a brand new packet of colouring pens (no I don’t know how) and was drawing. William was having a wonderful time chomping down on the red one. So don’t worry if it looks like there’s blood in his poo tonight, it’s just ink. Apparently it’s non-toxic. Time will tell.

I was treated to half an hour’s tantrum for taking the pens away. Alexis proceeded to beg for Grr-Grr again. I said no. After half an hour of screaming (predominantly from her) I said that she would never see grandad ever if she didn’t stop pestering me. I probably shouldn’t admit that on the internet… Did you know there was a sticker on the couch with a serial number on it? Neither did I. Don’t worry, it’s not there anymore, William ate it.

Don’t worry, all is well. The kids are currently happy watching tv. I’m about to attempt the dishes from last night as I went to bed as soon as I got the kids down last night. It’s nice to know I can cope fine without you but oh boy do I miss you or what. I hope you’ve missed us because we certainly can hardly wait to see you. You’ll get nice big cuddles tomorrow morning. With the kids anyway. I might just leave you with them and go back to sleep. Maybe. No I know you’re tired too. It’s not like you’ve been on a holiday.

What else do you need to know? Um, I finally changed the batteries in the ball popper. (Sorry.) I used a screw driver and everything. I haven’t even needed to get the new Wiggle DVD out. Even though it has rained all week. I’m getting rather independent aren’t I!

I have my ways…




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