Crawling on eggshells

My last post was a picture of Alexis sitting on the coffee table surrounded by salt.

Later on that afternoon she broke some eggs.

We had been playing peekaboo with a blanket in William’s room. She covered me up and I stayed under the blanket for a little while expecting she would come ‘roar’ at me. She didn’t. I walked out to the kitchen to find this:


So I strapped William into his highchair while Alexis and I cleaned it up. She was very apologetic, “sorry mummy sorry mummy sorry mummy”. I didn’t get mad. I kept my cool as I cleaned up to the best of my ability while William screamed at me. He barely tolerates the highchair at meal times, so strapping him in without giving him food was torture to him.

I worked as quickly as possible and remained calm. Until I went to run a bath for the kids (who were covered in egg).

I couldn’t open the bathroom door because Alexis had opened the shower door and left it in the way. There was enough gap for her to squeeze out earlier as she had closed the door behind her. I had known she went in there earlier in the day but I made her come straight out, so I thought.

When I barged my way in I found she had placed the new towels in the bottom of the shower.


I may or may not have gotten a little bit angry…

I spent the afternoon window shopping on before I eventually got my act into gear and had a fun and productive evening.

It’s pretty funny looking back.

Best part is because I’m still breastfeeding William, Corey has mopped the floor. Thanks Corey, that’s so very helpful. I don’t dare mop the floor when the kids are awake and when they’re asleep I crash.

How do mums have the energy to have work outside the home? Is it easier to manage if the little people aren’t home trashing everything all day?


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