Oh gosh. Babies and hot liquids do not mix.


I burned my kid. My baby. My sweet vulnerable little baby boy.

Before we go any further I must say William is fine. He’s not in any pain. He only has a small mark. He’s doing push ups on a laundry basket as we speak. Me though, I’m not fine. I will be. Soon. But right now I’m not.

I haven’t yet discovered a worse feeling than this. Sure there’s probably worse but right here right now I can’t remember one. Which in itself is something to be thankful for, I’ve had a sheltered life. I want the same for my kids. We pray daily for God to protect our kids. William is so full on. Sometimes I think he has an entire legion of guardian angels. 😉 I try not to be stupid and put them to the test.

Babies and hot liquids don’t mix. Babies and hot liquids don’t mix. Babies and hot liquids don’t mix.

I am the kind of person who read every baby safety recommendation when I was 4 weeks pregnant. We threw out dangerous furniture before Alexis was mobile. We discard any dangerous toys. I made my parents get whooping cough vaccine when Alexis was born. I made everyone wash their hands before they touched my babies for the first three months of their lives. Nobody with snot, a cough or a rash was allowed near my kids until they were about 6 months old. We swapped Alexis from a cot to a bed as soon as she started climbing and we never even put the mattress on the high setting for William. I’m the kind of person who has been trying so hard to protect my kids that I ended up giving myself an anxiety disorder

Nobody was allowed to hold my kids while drinking a hot drink EVER. No matter how offended they got. No matter who they were.

And yet here we are.

It happened so quickly. In the blink of an eye. It’s my fault.

It was 5pm. Corey had mowed the lawn and was having a bath. Alexis was watching some tv. William was playing happily. I was feeling a bit faint. I was about to start dinner but decided to make myself a cup of tea instead.

I was sitting at the table, being responsible. I never drink tea in the lounge, it’s too dangerous. Suddenly William comes out of nowhere and starts climbing up my legs. “Careful honey, mummy has a tea,” I said. I pushed my tea mug to the middle of the table.

I thought I would put him in his high chair then heat up his dinner. I picked him up without moving as his chair was right next to me. He twisted himself in my arms and somehow got up onto the table. He went for the mug.

I screamed and pulled him away. Sure enough it spilled. It went everywhere. So quickly. I didn’t think it got William though. He didn’t cry. Corey came running but William didn’t seem worried. Corey says William didn’t feel wet nor hot. We cleaned up and fed him some dinner and then I fed him and he fell asleep. We put him in his cot. We made our own dinner, had dinner, and ran the bath for Alexis.

William woke when we started the bath. That’s not at all unusual.

Except he had a small red mark on his arm. He had been burned and we hadn’t noticed.


It looks as though he copped his arm on the mug (big burn). I hadn’t thought of that. It also seems like a small amount of tea splashed his arm (small, more intense spot burn above it).

Corey said we should take him to the doctor. I had a bit of a freak out about them saying I was a terrible useless mother and he would have to take him himself. I felt guilty that William had hurt himself on my watch but I wasn’t worried about him. He wasn’t crying, he wasn’t grizzly, there was no swelling or blisters and it wasn’t warm to touch. It was 2 hours since the incident and I figured any damage that would be done would have already been done. Corey insisted and took the kids to the doctor while I stayed home to calm down.

So then I not only felt guilty for burning my child but for being a useless terrible selfish woman who couldn’t be bothered going to get it checked. Only for a little while though. I knew deep down that Corey was perfectly fine with the kids and it was OK for me to take some time for me because the kids were in good hands. So I lay around feeling sorry for myself and playing games on my iPhone. I was so cross with myself and the world. My little family has been hammered lately with dramas, car accidents, falls, illness, bills… Can’t we ever just have a nice weekend? Today was perfect until then. I’d even drafted a blog post about how perfect the day was. Typical.

ANYWAY, the doctor took a look at William and said he will be fine. She prescribed some cream but we will have to wait til morning to get to the chemist. Corey said she put some on him while they were there which is good. She also said not to feel too guilty that we missed it because baby burns often don’t show up for the first half hour or so.

My poor little baby will be just fine but it does look quite nasty now. Still, he still has this beautiful smile and cheeky look in his eye.


I just have to tell myself he’s fine and not worried and that’s what matters. Thank God that it wasn’t worse and cut myself some slack. William is going to keep me on my toes for the next 21 years or so. I’d better get used to it.

I’ve learned a few things though.

In case there was ever any doubt, babies and hot liquids shouldn’t mix.

If for some reason it ever happens again I want to put him straight in a cool (but not too cold) bath just in case.

Next time I’m feeling a bit faint and Corey is in the bath I’m going to skip the tea. Next time I’ll kick him out of the bath and make him deal with the kids and cook dinner while I have a soak in the tub. Haha. I’m only joking. Or am I? Perhaps I should just buy some chocolate bars and hide them in the cupboard like normal mums? Perhaps wine is a safer option than tea? Pity I hate wine.

I’m ok now, can you tell? How was your Saturday? I really did have the perfect day, until sunset. All’s well that ends well, or so they say.

For those of you who pray, if you wouldn’t mind praying that it doesn’t scar and William continues to be free from pain I’d really appreciate it.

He’s so brave and strong and so adventurous. It is as if trouble was his middle name, but, he’s still my baby boy. He’s sleeping now, in my arms. I don’t want to put him down. He is no safer in my arms than anywhere else anyway. He’s ok though. He’s ok. It’s all gonna be ok.


4 Replies to “Oh gosh. Babies and hot liquids do not mix.”

  1. Scary! I am not half so careful as you and have never burned my child- these things just happen sometimes. My number one paranoia is medication- I am so terrified of my little one’s getting into medicine! But all you can do is your best. Don’t be too hard on yourself xxx Hope the little dude heals well!

  2. Oh you poor thing. I did something similar when my daughter was only a few weeks old. I was holding her in my arms and thought I would just check on dinner in our (wall) oven. I accidentally brushed her foot against the hot oven door and she screamed the place down. BAD BAD MUMMY. She wasn’t the only one howling!

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