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Monthly Archives: June 2012

If I had a Christmas card list… Aka a selfish rant about sick kids

I wrote this a few nights ago while up most of the night with a terribly sick William. I wanted to wait awhile to see if I really wanted to post it. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I do believe though that this is something all mothers go through and thus as a […]


The consequences of consequences

Ok people, help me out please. I need some ideas. It’s raining, it’s freezing, both kids are sick (with different things). Alexis drew on the tv at 9:30 this morning so in my infinite wisdom I decided to say she wasn’t allowed to watch tv all day. She had already been showered and dressed by […]


“The Artist” DVD review and giveaway

This is a review. I wasn’t paid with money, only popcorn, softdrink and the chance to laze around in a recliner for an hour and a half while watching the movie. It’s also a giveaway, so keep reading for your chance to win. Words. They have power. They can make a day or break a […]


My niece’s fairy garden party

My sister Amanda is a lot more in touch with her artistic side than I am. When there’s a party to plan, she’s the one to call. We recently celebrated my niece’s second birthday with a Fairy Garden party. It was magical. Typical me, I didn’t get photos of the fairy streamers from the roof […]