Where am I and whose is that screaming child?

I had a nap this afternoon. There’s nothing unusual about that. There are days when my sole goal is to make sure I get a nap, even if it means letting William get overtired waiting for Alexis to go to sleep. The best thing about breast feeding is that it can put an overtired baby to sleep most of the time relatively easily. It might seem irresponsible at first but if you’ve ever had too young kids just over 19 months apart you can probably understand just how important it is to get enough sleep.

So instead of giving William a morning sleep I kept him up later and put Alexis to bed a bit earlier. Just early enough that she didn’t realise. So I managed to sneak into bed.

I dreamed. It was a weird dream. I ate some weird flower that turned me into a spy. I was wearing a bronco horse costume under a Queensland jersey and a pink tutu (yeah real inconspicuous). I had to transport into outer space in a weird contraption that looked suspiciously like a hoola-hoop.

Me needing a nap is not unusual. Me having weird dreams is not at all unusual either. What is unusual about this arvo is that I was having such a weird dream and sleeping so incredibly deeply that when Alexis woke me up calling for mum I had no idea who I was or where I was.

I remember thinking, “would somebody shut that kid up?” Eventually I woke up a little bit and came to the painful realisation that I was going to have to get up. That kid was my darling daughter and the somebody she wanted was me. I dragged my groggy body out of bed and my heavy head begrudgingly tagged along.

I opened her gate and went to the bathroom next to her room. She continued crying. When I got to her she was sort of shaking and whimpering. She was all sweaty. I sat on the floor and she collapsed into my lap.

“what’s wrong baby, did you have a bad dream?” “yes”. “poor huni. Mummy’s here now. It’s ok.” We had a nice long cuddle. She decided she was ok and chose a story book to ask me to read. “Mummy you read me this bunny book now please?” wow. Gobsmacked.

Her little brother made a whimpering noise in his cot. “Uggy wake Uggy wake Uggy wake,” shouted Alexis excitedly. Argh. Time to get up and get moving. Alexis ran off to William’s room and said hello then ran back disappointed that I was dragging the chain. “Mummy you pick Uggy up NOW”. Hang on, give me a minute, two minutes ago I was about to save the world.

So in anything but super style I changed both nappies, threw Alexis a packet of tiny teddies, turned the tv on and sat on the couch, shoving William on for a feed. I needed a few minutes to wake up and the kids weren’t exactly complaining.

Alexis is lying on the couch she looks almost asleep. I hope she isn’t coming down with anything. It’s the first cloudy day after we fortnight of sunny days do I’d say it’s just the weather but it seems to have affected us all. Oh, yeah, I need to clean up the spaghetti off the table from lunch. *sigh*. Perhaps napping is more hassle than it is worth.

Are you a napper?



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