My days just got a lot longer

In autumn the days are supposed to get shorter. We’re in autumn here but my days just got a whole lot longer.

Alexis has officially outgrown her nap.

Thus I have officially outgrown my nap too. It had to happen eventually but I held on as long as I could. I didn’t want it to happen while William was sick and teething but it had to happen sooner or later. Apparently. I know certain bloggers who are adamant children have to nap until they are 5 years old. They are usually the same people with the 6:30 bedtime. Oh if only. If only my little girl needed that much sleep. As much as I try to convince her she does, she just doesn’t.

No matter how hard I pushed the issue, Alexis does not need more than 12 hours sleep in 24 hours. So if she had a 2.5 hour nap she would only sleep 9.5 hours at night and we would be hard pressed to get her down before 10pm. It just wasn’t worth it. Not when it was taking up to an hour for her to scream herself to sleep. If she had less than two hours sleep during the day she was a nightmare all afternoon anyway.

In the end she made the decision herself. She just plain refused to sleep during the day. No matter what. It wasn’t worth the stress on any of us. So now she’s not napping I might as well adjust and get used to it.

The trickiest part is getting Alexis to stay quiet long enough for William to still have his naps. We will work out a system eventually. I will most probably, almost definitely, be swapping him back to two shorter naps instead of a long midday nap. He was only having the one nap because I would try to get Alexis (and me) and him to go to sleep at the same time. Two naps will suit his age and development much better. How do I keep Alexis quiet twice a day? William will just have to learn to sleep deeper. Some sort of constant background noise might be the answer.

It’s hard when Alexis just wants to play with him all the time. She will have to get used to letting him sleep. He needs the break. I want the time to do crafty things or bake with Alexis etc. She will eventually work out that it’s in her best interests to let him sleep, yeah? Haha I can only hope. He never wants to sleep either. He can’t stay awake for ever though.


I am a little sullen at the thought of giving up my precious naps but I also think gaining a few extra hours of daylight is good. A little extra time with hubby at night never hurt either. I will get used to it soon. Especially once William starts sleeping through consistently. He slept though last night. after waking every two hours for a week. I had to get up an express but that’s not such a big deal.

I can’t just survive from breakfast til nap or after nap til dinner anymore. The days are longer, I have to make the most of them. I’ll get used to it. I hope. It’s just that they’re just so long. A week, well, two extra hours a day makes a big difference over the week.

Alexis isn’t really that hard to look after though, touch wood. It’s William who is sitting up and standing up and cursing along the couch that’s the tricky one. Especially now I can’t just stick him on for a feed to keep him still. Now he has a beautiful shiny very sharp tooth he only gets a feed when he really needs it.

Two coping mechanisms down in one week. Yes, my days are definitely getting longer. Once William’s blisters heal I think we will be going out a lot more often.

Play date anyone?