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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Five and a half years of emails

I remember writing this but for whatever reason I never posted it. I think the reason why I never posted it is because my son William was born the next day(?). Perhaps this was nesting in the digital age? The fact that William is 6 months old says something about my drafts folder doesn’t it? […]


Shiny new mattress

Look look look, shiny new mattress! When Corey and I got our first mattress 3.5 years ago we got a fairly cheap one. It did the job for a while but it was never going to last long. It barely survived me being pregnant twice in two years. It was pretty much dead by the […]


Mummy needs sleep

William, darling, mummy is going to explain this to you one more time. Mummy is nicer to you if you let her sleep. It’s a fact of life darling. I think that by now you are starting to realise that mummy isn’t a superhero. I think you are beginning to realise that sometimes mummy is […]


What does The Mother Experiment mean to you?

Every single person who takes the time to read my blog is special to me. Every single person. YOU reading this right now, are important to me, whether you have no kids, one kid, multiple kids or adult kids. That said though, I do love that people read this little blog of mine even though […]