Stupid people do tired things

"Stupid people do tired things." That's an actual phrase uttered out of my lips a few days ago. Of course it's not what I meant to say, I meant to say, "I'm not stupid, I'm just tired. Tired people do stupid things."

Getting the words jumbled up gave us a quick laugh. I've been revisiting it over and over this week. My baby boy (5 months) and my little girl (24 months) have not been sleeping well (Alexis got a cold for her birthday, lucky girl) and thus I have not been sleeping well either. My husband has been helping out too and so in our house there are four tired grouchy people.

We have tried to keep our spirits high but it's hard. It's difficult to juggle two young children any time let alone when they are under the weather and needing a little extra love, attention, cuddles and tissues. William has been feeding more often to try to keep well (aren't the innate desires of infants incredible) so Alexis has been jealous and restless at times. I've had very little time to do housework because when both kids were asleep I've gone to bed.

I've prioritised my own sleep above all housework because a tired cranky sick mumma is no use to anyone.  Yet I'm just not getting enough. My body is weary from being a milk machine and lugging around heavy kiddies. My shoulders, back, arms and legs hurt. It's difficult to switch off for sleep due to being woken up over and over again. There comes a point where I have to give up on sleep and go do something constructive. Surprisingly the house isn't too bad but anything other than washing, dishes and dinners has been ignored.

It's hard work around here at the moment but it's not all bad. The cuddles are nice. The cuddles mostly happen at night though as during daylight hours the kids seem to be fine and full of energy.

William has decided he needs to crawl. He's not even 5 months old yet. He gets so frustrated because he can't. He's mastered rolling and so not interested in that anymore. He can shuffle on his back very well but he's not doing that anymore either. He just wants to crawl. So I've been very busy either watching him (he's pretty incredible), calming him, holding him to distract him or being a human chair because he's decided he absolutely must learn to sit up too.

The extra attention William is getting means I need to give Alexis extra attention too, which I don't mind but it is a little draining to have two kids fighting over me and a bit rough for Corey who is painfully aware that the best way to help is to do the dishes or cook a meal. Fortunately he's quite good at housework but it's not like he enjoys it. He does play well and hard with the kids and they do love it but they "need" individual time with mummy every day or they won't sleep.  

So I'm tired.

Tired people make mistakes. We do stupid things. There have been a few times we've been able to laugh at our fatigue-induced "stupid" moments. Here is but a taste. 

Corey was changing William while I was preparing to feed and Alexis was asking for a bottle. Corey said, "as soon as daddy has given mummy to William I will get you a bottle". Subtle.

Later that night he was finding sheets in the cupboard to put on our bed (thanks hun) while I was busy with Alexis. Noticing he had been a while I went to help him. I pointed out the white QB sheets. "I'm looking for the nice pink ones," he said."They're the dirty ones on the bed babe." "Oh, that explains why I can't find them." Funny.

The worst one I can think of has to be my stupid moment. My daughter Alexis was doing something she shouldn't have been. I was trying to tell her off. I put my serious face on and my serious voice and I said, "KARLEE, what are you doing?"

I've heard of people getting their children mixed up. I've heard my mother call me her cats name many times. I'm learning to laugh at my parents and even my husband calling Alexis "Karlee". She looks a lot like me as a child. I've called William "Corey" before. Heck, when Alexis was very young I once called Corey "princess"… at the worst possible time..  I've had some silly slips of the tongue in my time BUT calling my daughter by my own name? That's gotta be right up there. Do I get a gold medal in the idiot Olympics?

Hey, what can I say, stupid people do tired things sometimes.;-)

Care to share yours? 

<I>I wrote this on my phone then emailed it in. I sent it to my husband instead of my blog address. When I realised I clicked reply, edited out all the triangle line marker things then sent it without changing the address. Silly.</I>     


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  1. I loved reading this post this morning. (Ha ha, speaking of tired you should have read what I typed before re-typing it again). I wake up at 3 am every morning – (Like right now)I am in a hospital with depression at the moment and everyone that has been admitted for depression and anxiety are really bad at remembering names. We have all given up. I have been answering to 'Tracey' for three days and it seems like it honestly is the best way to manage it. Maybe it'll Margaret today?

  2. I regularly call Isabella Jason and visa versa… And there are a few very good reasons why that mix up makes no sense whatsoever 😉 as someone who puts dishes in 'toasters' and 'washing machines' and 'dooverwatsits' and even 'Wong-chongs' :p I totally get it! Lol.

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