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Monthly Archives: March 2012

25 + 5.5

Friday 30th 10am ish 10 days without blogging. That’s probably a record for me since I started about 17 months ago. I didn’t even have that long a break when William was born. So where have I been? I’ve been home, mostly, sitting on my bottom, mostly, with William. I haven’t been able to blog […]


Oh 3am, I’ve missed you! ;)

It’s 3am and I’m sitting here feeding William. It’s not uncommon although it is a little strange after he slept through the last few nights. I think he might have slept through tonight if he hadn’t ended up upside down on his tummy with his head jammed against the corner of the cot (at the […]


My kids stay up late and I’m OK with that

Written Sunday but seeing as I’ve already posted today (a post about losing my son’s toy at the shops) I’ll schedule this for Monday morning. That way I can link up to week 12 and be an early bird instead of sneaking in on Sunday of week 11. Better late than never though, right?Simplify your […]


poor Mr Giraffe/don’t take good toys shopping

I wrote this on Thursday. I never ended up posting it before now because hubby said it was a little too “angsty”. A few days later though and I can look back and laugh, sort of. We did go back looking for Mr Giraffe but it was too late. I’m a little upset with myself […]