Sometimes we need a little stupid

Sunday 10pm

Sometimes I'm a great mum. Sometimes I'm not so great. Lack of sleep, sickness and stress can take their toll. Sometimes the monotony gets a bit much. Every now and then I throw caution to the wind and have a bit of fun. Sometimes this works out great. Sometimes I'm just plain stupid.

Giving William his first try of farex while I'm sick is probably not so wise because if he reacts badly I won't know if he's sick from me or reacting to the farex. Also I should be feeding him often so he gets lots of antibodies. Still it was the weekend, he was grabbing at our lunch, he's incredibly strong, he's been diving at our food for weeks and quite frankly I'm sick of feeding him constantly. So farex it was, silly or not.

Later on that day we get both kids to sleep at the same time (a rare event in deed) and end up talking about bills and budgets and all that jazz. It got too much for me. It had been a big day. It was storming. I wanted a nap but it was something we needed to do. So we broke open some chocolates that had survived in the pantry since Christmas. Corey surprised me with a glass of lemonade, "some bubbly for you my dear?"

So the weekend before Valentines day we're budgeting while drinking lemonade and eating chocolate. Slightly strange. I know that chocolate makes William a bit grizzly in the tummy but I did it anyway. Silly.   Corey was busy writing and calculating so I ate half the box. Not a great idea.

A few hours later I'm paying for it big time with a pain in the gut.

We decide to take the kids grocery shopping at 8pm because they're still awake from a late arvo nap. Not wise but fun nonetheless and a LOT easier with Corey's help.  Alexis went to bed once we got home without even a second of protest.

William on the other hand, tummy ache. Poor kid. Feed makes it a little better. Then he's wide awake. He Pooped and felt a little better. He almost got himself to sleep but then he got the hiccups. Poor kid gets irrate. Feed him til they stop he finally falls asleep.
Giving child solids for first time, ok. Skipping opportunity for nap same day, not wise. Spending that time eating chocolate fun. Spending that time eating half a massive box of chocolate. Idiotic. Eating that much chocolate when I know it upsets William. Mean. Eating that much chocolate on the day William started solids for the first time: just plain stupid.

Doing all this when I've been unwell: maybe I need my head read.

That said though William is fine and sleeping now and apart from the pain man it was fun. Fun day Sundays are important every now and then. Doing it the day before I mind my niece (meaning 3 kids under 2) is pretty stupid too but hey, meh, sometimes we need a little stupid. I might need a pick me up tomorrow. It's ok, I didn't eat the whole box, I left some for "hair of the dog". I'm stupid sometimes but I'm not *that* stupid. 


4 Replies to “Sometimes we need a little stupid”

  1. HI there good to see a scientist throwing caution to the wind.Makes us arties feel not so strange! I would have eaten all the chocolates though! Hope the neice minding went OK

  2. Sometimes you just have to break from routine and live a little. We went out for lunch on Saturday with the kids, and it was difficult and stressful- but good at the same time. You can't be a perfect robot all the time!

  3. I nodded my way through this – how many times have I done not-so-smart things!? Countless!

    I think sometimes we do these things just to break the routine (as robyn said) and to make us feel more in control because really when kids are involved control is not our friend. So even when the result is detrimental we maintain some semblance of control over our chaotic lives.

    When I do something like that I remember to 'choose my choice' – it's about taking responsibility for a choice even when it's not the best one. It means I don't spend all my time beating myself up.

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