90 minutes alone with 3 under 2

On Monday my niece spent about an hour and a half at my house while my sister Manda had an appointment. Isabella is a lovely little thing, very intelligent and very well behaved considering she's not even 20 months old.

I was freaking out for days leading up to it because
a) I still had my two with me
b) we didn't know how long Manda would be out for
c) it was the middle of the day when young children are starting to get cranky and I'm starting to get cranky again too
d) I still had my two with me (yes I know I said this twice).

I didn't know how I'd juggle William (4 months) with two very excited very boisterous very bouncy young girls (my Alexis is nearly 2 and Izy is 20 months). I knew breastfeeding William would be hard. I know getting William to sleep would be hard. I knew Alexis would not have her nap. I had little hopes zof getting time to eat. I was worried the girls would Chase eachother (they only did a little) and fall over on the tiles (they didn't thankfully) and get badly hurt. I was worried I wouldn't be able to put William down at all. If he hadn't slept I wouldn't have been able to because putting a baby on the floor with two spinning twirling over excited blonde bombshells is a disaster.

Surprisingly it turned out ok.

It was busy, stressful and tiring but it was fun. I am pleasantly surprised that I coped as well as I did. I did kind of collapse for a few minutes when Manda got back but I recovered quickly.

It was manageable because they're all good children. I know Isabella well and can interpret her vocabulary and body language and that really helped. I also cheated a little bit by using TV and food but hey, who wouldn't! Isabella never stops moving but at least Wot-Wots stopped Alexis in her tracks long enough for me to get William off to sleep while Isabella jumped up and down on the spot.

Once William was snoring away in the cot I was able to have a bit of fun with the girls. We even ventured out to the wheelie bin and played with the water tap for a bit. Then William woke (he catnaps, which drives me batty at times) and we did colouring in together. I can fit three babies on my lap, did you know that? I found it very disturbing and very cool at the same time. 

It was all well and good until I had to work out how to get up to let Manda in. Next time I'll send her off with a set of keys I think!

It was fun for a little while but quite intense. I take my hat off to anyone who does it everyday. I barely got time to use the toilet let alone get any work done. Then again if the girls saw eachother constantly the novelty factor might get old and they would settle down. Maybe. Possibly. Thankfully I'm not about to find out. I love Isabella dearly but I also love quiet days at home with cuddly snuggly William and Alexis my little helper. After a day of 3 under 2 normal days seem quite calm.



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