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I enjoy reading Kate Takes 5 listography challenge every week but don’t always get to play. This week she said there’s no excuses not to. I think I could think of a few but seeing as I want to play anyway I’ll let it slide. This week is top five tips for bloggers I’ve learned along the way.

1) watch what you write

It’s often difficult to remember that people actually read your blog, especially when you’re just getting started and you have few comments. Even if nobody reads it at the time, the internet is public and permanent, so be mindful of that. It is not a great idea to bag out your mother in law (even if you’re only joking around, which I must have been, coz my in-laws are great) in case your sister in law stumbles across it one night and suddenly stops talking to you. Awkward.

I used to ramble and not think much about what came out or the potential consequences. It’s not wise unless you have an anonymous blog. Sometimes I wish I had one.

2) if you do write contraversial stuffu be prepared to back it up

I had been blogging for less than a month when a once friend took offence to something I wrote. It shook me. I probably should not have written what I wrote but I wouldn’t delete it either because I believed, and I still do, that it’s an issue many new parents face. (It’s about when you decline an invitation to an important social function because they don’t want you to take your baby.)

I’ve since had people take offence to my views on immunisation and my religion. These two things I won’t back down on but I do need to be prepared to answer questions about them.

3) be mindful of the fact that people don’t always read things the way you meant

People interpret things based on their experiences, hang ups, whether English is their first language or not and things like that. People who don’t regularly follow your blog might also perceive something differently to those who read your posts and know a bit about you. I’ve had random people question whether posts I’ve written are appropriate or not and been accused of being downright nasty on a few occasions.

I wanted to give up blogging at times like that because I hate being misunderstood. It’s important to re-read your post and see if you did something wrong and apologise that you offended them but if they read you out of context then you don’t have to take it to heart.

4) stay true to yourself

Link ups, projects and memes and the like are fun and a great way to get traffic to your blog but only join them if it suits your blog’s tone and style. There is no point busting your butt trying to join everything going.

One blogger I’ve been following since the start of my blogging journey went through a phase of only posting something if she could link it up to someone. It turned me off her blog for a little while but now she is posting from her heart again her blog is better than ever.

It is worth remembering that although linky parties encourage others to visit your site it is your unique content and everyday posts that will encourage them to stick around, come back, or ‘follow’.

5) Be positive

So many of us use our blogs as a dumping ground for emotions. Hey it’s cheaper than counselling. What I noticed a while ago was a period of so many negative posts coming from a time of my life that wasn’t really that bad. I had missed opportunities to record so many happy times.

It makes sense: when I’m miserable or frustrated I naturally want to “blog it out” but when I’m having fun I just enjoy the moment. The problem is I’ve got friends who don’t have kids yet who look to my blog for a taste of what life as a mother is like. So I try to make an effort though to jot down fun moments to blog about when I get a chance. I’m still working on one about my two bubs and their amazing bond.

I will obey the rules of listography and leave it to five. I have so many tips of a more technical nature but I want you to learn from my social mistakes. I thought about combining 1-3 but knowing when to stop fussing over a post is very important too. (Not a tip just a statement. Really.) Other people will probably cover them in their top 5 anyway.

If you’ve got any blogging tips why not share them by posting a comment or by linking up your own post to Kate Takes 5.

I’m going to join this up to Jess at because she lets you link up anything you post on a Tuesday. That’s a great link up for sure. The button will take you there.


18 Replies to “listography – 5 tips for bloggers”

  1. Some great tips here Karlee! I do try to be mindful of who may read my blog in the future and even though most of my family don't know about it now, I can almost guarantee they will find it the same week I decide to have a rant.
    Looking for the positive things to share really can help your whole outlook on life, but sometimes you just have to vent 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reminders. The one that stands out to me is #3. I write with the best of intentions but, you're right about the potential for misunderstanding just because we read and interpret and think differently. I also take to heart your reminder of when to stop editing and just post, one I start to remember usually after the 5th or more re-edit!

  3. Good tips. There have been many times when I have not written something because at the end of the day it was a self indulgent rant, that would have just hurt other peoples feelings, and there was no point to it at all.
    It's good to have people to bounce ideas off of too, who will say, 'don't write that.'

  4. I agree it can be very easy to think something in your head and then its taken up wrong when you type it. Always good to re-read everything!

  5. Great tips! Actually for most of my blog posts, I try to be positive. Not that I'm trying to paint a picture where everything is rosy, but I guess it is in my Asian blood to not dry your dirty linen in public. Of course, there are times where I am sad or unhappy and express those because my blog is true to me, but I try to make it a happy place in a way haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  6. Sorry I'm adding my comment here, under Ai's – couldn't get the normal comment box up!

    Totally agree with all of them, and especially #2. You would be hiding an important part of yourself if you didn't talk about your faith (and immunisation too), but it is good to be prepared that others will not think the same way. I always struggled at first when people disagreed with me, but I'm getting better at "agreeing to disagree" without it impacting relationships.

  7. Re your statement about stopping the over-editing, I find that when I schedule posts, that is when I find that I am tempted to go back and tweak a few words here and there, or I start worrying what people will think about what I wrote–and I don't usually write controversial stuff! Madness.

    I just noticed that my list is a lot like yours!

  8. This is all great advice, and good on you for learning it so quickly! lol! I censor myself a lot, because I never know who is currently reading or who could find it in the future. I don't tell people about my blog but once in a while someone finds out some how or another. Thanks for the reminders.

  9. Some great advice there! Having just started blogging myself I'm still trying to find my way…I got in lots of trouble with a post called 'jumping over hurdles' But like you, I'm not prepared to back down!

  10. This is excellent advice. You know, sometimes when I'm writing or commenting I almost completely forget that other people (other than the person who's blog I'm commenting on for eg) may be reading it. I need to be more careful!

  11. These are really great tips. I would add not to hit publish after 10pm, if I do this I can guarantee you that when I read it in the morning I am horrified at all manner of things! I try to comment at night and write during the day.
    I totally agree about being true to yourself. I follow plenty of people who's certain views I disagree with, but I love their writing style, I connect with them etc. Just like in real life, it's rare to find people where you agree on everything.

  12. I'd be interested in your technical tips. Why don't you do another post – 5 Top Tech Tips.

    (oh and give me a shout when you're done @nickie72)

  13. Wow I must be really scary – you actually stopped at 5! I like Nickie's idea – but then she put 10 tips in her entry so I shouldn't really be agreeing with her..
    A really great list. x

  14. These are great tips–I really like the idea that you need to watch what you write and that if you write controversial stuff you need to be ready to back it up!

    I sometimes forget the variety of people who read my blog–I imagine all these strangers, and that's fine… until my neighbour (a good friend) says 'I hope you don't get offended when I tease you about your accent' after I've written a blog post about how some people just go on and on about my accent. I didn't mean her at all but it did make me stop and think a bit more about what I write!

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