Funny things kids do #4: Need to be fed in random places

My posts have been fairly serious lately because I’ve basically only had time for Me and YOU Monday posts. I thought I might do something a little different on my blog today. It’s been a long time since I last posted in the funny things kids do series.

Life as a mum is sometimes serious and full of responsibility but other times fun, random and entertaining. Life as a mum means being prepared for just about anything. The reason why I love breastfeeding is that it takes away some of the planning.

A breastfeeding mumma doesn’t need to worry about always carrying bottles, water and formula when she goes out with baby. Breastfeeding means that if mum and bub are together, bub has access to food.

The problem is that babies learn this very quickly. You can’t distract them with finding a bib or preparing a bottle. At least in my own experience, when a breastfed baby is hungry they expect to be fed right there and then. I do try to get somewhere comfortable and calm but sometimes bub just isn’t content to wait.

So, what I’d like to know today is where is the strangest, most uncomfortable, or coolest place you have fed your baby (or seen a baby being fed). Bottle-feeding counts too but make sure you say in the comment it was from a bottle.

To get us started here’s some places I’ve had to feed William:

  • in restaurants (McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks or a 4-star buffet doesn’t make any difference.
  • in the car in just about any carpark you could imagine
  • in doctors appointments
  • in the bathroom because I’ve been bathing Alexis when he’s woken up ravenous
  • on the floor of Wiggles World at Dreamworld during the Dorothy the Dinosaur show (while supervising Alexis because Corey was getting our annual passes activated)
  • in a hardware store
  • in a sports store while trying on shoes
  • during the sermon at church
  • at dad’s recital
  • on an outdoor lounge at White Water World
  • at the Wiggles concert
  • at the beach
  • in my parents’ swimming pool!

As for Alexis, when she was a little bubba she would go from perfectly fine to screaming her little head off with hardly any warning. I had to feed her while standing in line many times in the 14 months she fed for. We have family down south and family up north, and when she was young we took her to meet the relatives. She’s been fed at pretty much every rest stop from Kempsey NSW to Gladstone QLD.

We haven’t travelled with William yet, I think maybe it taking us 12 hours to do a 6 hour drive when Alexis was a baby might have scared us off. If only there was some sort of safety harness making it legal to breastfeed in a moving vehicle!

I know of people who’ve breastfed in aeroplanes, trains, busses and boats. I haven’t yet because I’ve never been on one with a baby. I have fed Alexis on a monorail though (at Seaworld). That’s probably the most random place I can think of. That one day at Seaworld she fed at the dolphin show, the pirate show, shark bay and the monorail. She’s also fed at Movie World during the V8 car stunt show. Remembering all this makes me realise William is actually pretty easy. Haha.

What’s your weirdest feeding story?

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9 Replies to “Funny things kids do #4: Need to be fed in random places”

  1. When DD1 was a baby we went back to work selling mobile phones, so feeding her while writing out a mobile phone contract was always fun.
    I have also feed through various performances like the Chaser, Lano & Woodley and a few others that came to town

  2. My girl was BFed until she was 27 months so we did it in a lot of places.. yes even the restroom although it's unhygenic I know but sometimes there's no nursery room {next qn is why?!!!} and I have to sit on the toilet bowl to feed her haha.

    Also did it on planes, restaurants, many many times in the car, in a shopping centre bench just hidden by a blanket {rather "dangerous" when they know how to pull it away!!}

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. I ant really think of anywhere very weird. When we traveled to SA I had to feed in camp grounds, which was a little uncomfortable because of all the people camping close by. Also a lot of times on the side of the road at some random place.

  4. I can't really think of anywear weird. I do remember feeding M in the middle of the local Stocklands when sshe was a NB. I got a lot of strange looks for that, noone could see anything though.

  5. I breastfed my twins so I don't think I ever had both bazookas in my bra at the same time for about 18 months. I'm sure there were some weird places I breastfed but honestly, it's all a bit of a blur! 🙂

  6. I never fed mine in any weird places, but certainly had my share of strange and disgusted looks from people. Perhaps I put them off their lunch?

  7. Hmm, all of the above! Plus at a wedding, at band practice, while playing the piano (because I refused to stop, not because I had to play) and in a meeting with the bank. I have only had one sour look in all that time, at a cafe about a month ago. Perhaps they thought an 11-month old shouldn't be breastfed anymore?

  8. Great comments everyone. My favourite is Misha – The BlingBuoy. It certainly feels like my boobs are always out with one baby let alone twins, so I can understand how you'd feel!

  9. Hahaha…. love this post!!! Strangest place for me I think was beside the pool watching Mackenna have her swimming lesson, week after week. Not quite as random as 'in' the pool and there was plenty of bare bums running around so I don't think anyone was too phased by the boobs, but there isn't much chance of 'discreet' when you're on a hard metal bench in a sauna-like environment while trying to be the perfect sideline supporter!!! 🙂

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