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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Her and YOU Monday(?)

Hi guys. Last Monday I wrote this post and I’ve decided that’s going to be my goal for like the next oh I don’t know, 50 years or so. That would get boring pretty quick to read about on a weekly basis. I also, surprise surprise, am finding it difficult to fit in time to […]


SYL12/2 Our Family Mission Statement

This is part of SYL12 at Home Life Simplified. Last week’s task was to write our family’s mission statement based on our family members’ core values.  Writing a mission statement was tricky for us. Corey initially said his values were the same as the ones I said last week (faith, joy, peace, love, passion) except […]


Me and YOU Monday week 4 – rest in awe

G’day G’day I am still busy cleaning last minute bits and pieces for our inspection (as was last week’s goal). It’s not really an inspection anymore. It was going to be but the agent can’t be bothered but the owner is still coming. I find it all really weird and inconvenient and annoying but it’s just […]


Notice anything new?

Hi everyone So I finally made the time to do up a header for my blog and change the background. I also changed my blog tag line/description and my about me page. Do you like the changes? I’m rather proud of my achievements, lol, so please share my excitement! How cute are my kids by […]