I changed my mind again: back to weekly

G’day everyone welcome to Friday. Guess what? I’ve changed my mind again. I’m a woman, it’s my prerogatives. What am I talking about?

Yesterday was the first of December and thus was supposed to signal the second month of Me and YOU Monthly. Now over the week before I had thought about this and kept trying to remind myself to set something up. Although I had several bad mood days during the month where I had thought about posting “Me and YOU Monthly is cancelled in light of me no longer giving a toss” but I really had meant to keep going. Yesterday I forgot until I remembered at about 2pm, so I quickly did this rushed post asking whether to do it or not.

This morning I was quickly sneaking a peak at Kristy’s and Rhianna’s blogs and they were so very sweet. I really am proud of how well they’ve done. I made great progress when I first started Me and YOU Monthly but now all the things I’d worked on are plaguing me again. I’m stressing again, my language and thought-life are terrible, I’m upset about not being able to do all I want to do, it seems like all that hard work was in vain. I know though that I’ve done it before so I can do it again. I can beat this. Life is pretty tricky right now but I can get through it, because I have.

So, after a little bit of deliberation, a little bit of sleep deprivation, and my impulsive nature that my readers have learned to love, I’ve decided… to go back to weekly link-ups. This is because a) changing it to monthly didn’t really help increase participants b) changing it to monthly allowed me to shelve my goal c) I NEED IT. I’m feeling pretty weak at the moment, so let’s go back to weekly (yes that’s lame, I can’t help it). As mums we have the tendency to have martyr complexes don’t we. “I can’t take time for me, it’s too hard, I’m too busy” etc, but we are not infallible. When we don’t take time for ourselves the whole family suffers.

So, as of Monday 12th my Me and YOU project will go back to being me and YOU Monday. Confused? Yeah me too, a little. Today is Friday, so I’m going to add a linky to this and it will open til  Tuesday. I would like you to participate, if you are willing and able. If you don’t have a blog leave a comment. As Kristy and Rhianna have shown me, this is important.  I’m just going to have to be prepared. I’m more likely to remember the day than the date. It’s pretty hard to forget it’s Monday!

So there you go. Back to weekly. Yay.



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