15 Replies to “Balls”

  1. Always lots of fun those balls. We have lots of them too – but they are getting scattered all over the place. I find them in the most random places!

  2. Thanks everyone.
    Beck: thank you
    Jennie: very much so
    Elise: I quite enjoy them 😉
    Becky: they are aren't they
    Crash test mummy: Haha we bought her 200 in February, I've been taking them away little by little.
    Kellie: she will help put them back in but then tip them out again so it's sometimes easier to pack them up myself
    Julia: you can't beat balls, blocks, keys and toy phones
    Sonia: terrible pun but I have said it too.;-)

  3. oh that looks like fun.. the first time Bubbaroo saw a ball pit he looked like he;d died and gone to Heaven, he loves balls..!

  4. Thank you for your comments JavaJane, mums the word, Rhianna, Be a fun mum and Melissa. They are great fun despite the mess and we are usually able to get Alexis to help pack up by playing throw the balls into the big plastic tub. That said though i have since hidden the balls until after Christmas.

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