A year in the life of The Mother Experiment

Today (Saturday 3rd December 2011) is my blog’s first anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it’s a whole year since I wrote that first post: “What is the mother experiment?”

Within hours of that first post I had used my iPod touch to write a post about how my daughter was sick and I felt powerless but I liked being able to comfort her just by holding her. It is called comforted by comforting and it remains, to this day, one of my favourite posts. By the next day I was saying how I wished she’d love me that little bit less and let me get sleep in another of my favourites “no naps for mum mum mum mum”.

Reading back over my earliest entries I realise that I have learned so much in the last year. I have linked to some of my favourite posts here. I by no means expect you to read them all but I have spent a lot of time on this because I hope you can read over the titles and read any that you find most interesting.

I have learned that being a mum means:

I’ve really struggled with the housewife part of being a stay at home mum, and you can read about it in posts such as:
I’ve documented many milestones, such as

It is so important to invest time in your marriage

I have learned a lot about God through my relationship with my children

I’ve posted things just for laughs such as

I’ve also learned a lot about blogging:
I’ve also posted some gorgeous pics. This link will show the most recent wordless Wednesday entries.
I’ve also shared some rather difficult stories of personal growth pursuits in my Me and YOU Monday project. This link will show the most recent entries.
I have learned that every day is a massive day. Every day has challenges and opportunities for adventure. Every day has opportunities to smile. I cannot control my kids or my husband but I need to learn to control myself. I have learned that I love being a mum, most of the time. I have learned that it is my attitude that effects how I see the world. I have learned that God has blessed me so very much and that I want to live every day filled with joy. I am not there yet but hopefully by this time next year I’ll have so much to share about that too.
Whether you have been following The Mother Experiment from the start, for a little while, or are just stopping by, thank you for your support. It means so much to me.

8 Replies to “A year in the life of The Mother Experiment”

  1. Happy blogiversary! Time flies, doesn't it! I'll have to pop back and read those posts (some I've already read) – but just wanted to say – congratulations for coming this far (and with a baby for the last part!)

  2. Hello, I have only just found you today, how apt on your Bloggerversary. It sounds like you have been on a real journey in the last year and isn't great having a blog to get it all down on.

    Mich x

  3. Thanks ladies.
    @Debbie – don't try to read them all, it would take all day 😉
    @Michelle – welcome. I can't see your blog on your profile but if you have one let me know, I'd love to check it out.
    @Rhianna – thanks for sticking with me from very early on.:) xx

  4. Happy blogoversary.Sorry I'm a bit late – getting behind in everything at the moment, including blogging/ blog reading! Enjoy your posts – here's to another year.

  5. Only just got around to reading this…. even some of the titles make me laugh and/or give me goosebumps, knowing the story (and the smiles or tears) behind them.

    Thank you for all your inspiration too… keep up your great blog! I hope it becomes everything you want it to be and more 🙂

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