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Monthly Archives: December 2011

A happy, busy, exciting, tiresome Christmas

Last Monday I linked up a post: all I want for Christmas is to be happy. I’m pleased to say that the day did go well, mostly. Yay! Stay tuned for some pics and things but for now I’ll just do my Me and YOU write up. When I wrote that post I didn’t mean […]


Me and YOU – Just pretend it’s Monday

Hey everyone, I’m posting this early because I don’t want to be blogging Christmas night. Obviously I can’t tell you how last week’s goal went until after Christmas day, so I will link up my post when I get around to writing it. I thought I’d put this up early in case anyone wants to […]


Hamilton Sun Review

This post is part of Product Talk by Nuffnang which means I received the product free of charge to review but was not paid and my opinions are honest. I must admit that I only asked to review these products (3 different types of “Hamilton Sun” sunscreen) because my family was going to the beach […]


All I want for Christmas is to be happy

This is my post to submit to The Mother Experiment: Me and YOU Monday: Dec 19-25 Last week I set myself a goal of not stressing. I knew that not stressing entirely was too hard so I specified not stressing when things don’t go as I planned. I knew it was going to be tough. […]