Simple and convenient doesn’t have to be boring

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I was still pregnant when I put my hand up for Nuffnang’s latest product talk opportunity a week ago. The product they sent me is Uncle Toby’s new “Simply Fruit Bars”. I was quite keen to try them because at the late stage of pregnancy I was in I was having trouble with food. I couldn’t eat much at a time without being sick or having a tummy ache but I had high nutritional needs. I am the sort of person who does not deal well with being hungry.

To keep up with my daughter I was snacking whenever I could, but I didn’t always have the energy (or pelvic pain threshold) to be on my feet for long enough to prepare a nutritious snack. I am a huge fan of fresh fruit, but I couldn’t always bend down to reach the crisper (as pathetic as that sounds it’s true), and I didn’t want to lug fresh fruit around with me to antenatal appointments and things like that. I permanently had a stash of muesli bars and lollies in my handbag. So I couldn’t wait to try this new, healthier, “simpler” option. I also thought they’d be good for labour.

As it turned out, my beautiful baby boy William was born before the samples arrived, so I never got to try them out during pregnancy or labour. They arrived once I was already home from hospital. They still serve a purpose though, because now I am busier than ever before. (Yes I know I’m taking time to write a review, I had already committed to it and I like to keep my commitments.) I’ve enjoyed grabbing a bar at 3am to give me a quick pick-me-up during a night feed. There is no added sugar, so I don’t have to worry about it keeping me up after the feed or passing through to my baby and making him irritable.

So, what exactly are they?

New Uncle Tobys Simply Fruit Bars are, well to put it simply, fruit bars. They are bars of fruit and oats. They offer the convenience of a muesli bar but the confidence that you are eating a healthy, nutritious snack. They promise at least 65% fruit in every bar and there’s no added sugar. They offer two flavours specifically designed for a sophisticated adult palate, because convenient and simple doesn’t have to be boring. I’m sure I’m not the only busy mum who’s been desperate enough to steal an arrowroot biscuit off my toddler. It’s nice to eat something designed for ‘grown ups’ occasionally.

For transparency, I’m going to list the ingredients off the back of the boxes for the flavours. Simply fruit bars with sultanas, apricot, poppyseed and orange: sultanas, dried apricots, oats, dried dates, sunflower oil, poppy seeds, and orange oil. There is also preservative from some of the fruits. Simply fruit bars with sultanas, dates, apple and cinnamon: Sultanas, dried dates, oats, dried apple, sunflower oil, cinnamon, preservative (from the fruit).

My personal opinion

  • Be ware, they do have quite a strong taste and texture. It’s a change from arrowroot biscuits and mashed potato, that’s for sure. It is a nice taste though.
  • I quite enjoy the sultanas, dates, apple and cinnamon one. 
  • I personally found the texture of the orange and poppyseed ones a little strange, but that’s because I’m boring and am so used to eating plain food. My sister tried one and exclaimed “Yum, it’s just like an orange and poppy seed muffin!” She loved it so much I gave her the rest of the box (they had sent a few boxes so I didn’t mind).  
  • It is nice to have a fruity snack that is not sticky! The oats component keeps them together well so they don’t end up all over your fingers. 
  • It’s so awesome to have a convenient snack that you can store at room temperature, toss in your handbag, leave beside the feeding chair, wherever you like, and know that it is healthy. 
  • It’s what’s not in these that impress me, rather than what is in them. There’s no added sugar, no added acids, no added binding agents or thickeners or fats or random bits of this and that. I have always loved Uncle Tobys chewy muesli bars (my convenient “out and about” snack of choice during pregnancy), but when I looked up the ingredients to compare I was shocked just how much “stuff” is in them. I think it’s great to have a simplified, purer option… Simply fruit bars. 

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  1. Great review Karlee the super mum! Hope all is going well with your lovely new little bundle. I tried these the other day as we are always looking for new and interesting snacks. We got the orange and poppyseed ones. The flavour was lovely but I am with you on the texture thing. Maybe we will give the others a go

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