Why I hate Halloween

I wasn’t going to waste my time writing a Halloween post but I’m that annoyed that I have decided to write this afterall.

I hate Halloween. I don’t “do” Halloween and I’m sick of hearing about it. This is Australia. There was no Halloween when I was a kid and that was a good thing.

I’m sick of getting up to answer the door. I’m tired of disappointing the neighbourhood children by saying, “I’m sorry, we don’t  do Halloween.” I’m fed up with copping abuse from teenagers. I am afraid someone will do something bad to our house or yard. I hate the niggling little voice inside that says “why are you being a scab just give them some lollies” but I will not yield.

Why don’t Corey and I have lollies to give to trick or treates tonight? It’s a matter of principle.
-We live in Australia
-Australia doesn’t have a holiday for Halloween
-We don’t have to do it just coz “everyone else” is doing it
-It’s a stupid idea anyway, kids taking candy from strangers is not cool
-I don’t agree with the supernatural stuff behind Halloween
-I don’t wanna support the supermarkets with their heinous overmarketing.

There’s also the issue of practicality. There are so many kids in our neighbourhood it would cost a small fortune to treat them all. I’m actually not joking, it’s a very kid-populated area. By disappointing the first few kids we assume they will tell they their friends not to bother coming here. In doing this we hope to avoid late-comers (or repeat visitors in different masks – it happens) from waking the kids up.

Yes there is the small factor that I am in fact a scab. I don’t want to buy lollies for kids when I didn’t trick or treat as a kid and I won’t let my kids do it either.

I don’t want my little cherubs exposed to this stuff yet. I had to go the day without ABC for kids because they had a Halloween special on all day. My one and a half year old doesn’t need to be spooked. I don’t want her thinking sneaking up on people is funny or thinking demanding lollies is ok or thinking its ok to trash people’s things. I don’t want her to be frightened of monsters or demons or witches or the like either. 
The reason I hate Halloween the most is that it freaks me out, and now my daughter too. Alexis saw a girl covered in “blood” at our door and it totally freaked her out. We were just sitting at the table trying to eat dinner in peace when this girl turned up. 

The other visitors haven’t been great either. A group of big burly teenagers wearing masks and carrying weapons is not my idea of what I want to answer my door to.

Some of you might be thinking its only one night, chill out. It’s not really only one night though is it? The shops have had chocolate bars on display for a month. I’m trying to avoid chocolate because it passes through my milk and doesn’t really agree with William. It’s really hard to be self-controlled when it is staring you in the face. Don’t even get me started on pester power. “Please! Please! *pointing*” – and that’s just from my husband! 

At least it’s almost over for the year.

Am I the only one who has been crushing the excitement of small children tonight? Does anyone else still maintain “we don’t do Halloween, this is Australia”?