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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Why I hate Halloween

I wasn’t going to waste my time writing a Halloween post but I’m that annoyed that I have decided to write this afterall. I hate Halloween. I don’t “do” Halloween and I’m sick of hearing about it. This is Australia. There was no Halloween when I was a kid and that was a good thing. […]


Breastfeeding: the goood, the bad and the sucky

I’m an unapologetic fan of breastfeeding but sometimes I hate it… Have I got your attention? Have I got your attention now? In my opinion boobs were made for babies. I’m very pro breastfeeding. To go that one step further I’m pro breastfeeding on demand. I breastfeed in public if I have to. I will feed […]


A day in the life of 2 under 2

Wednesday night was just one of those nights. Thursday wasn't much better. As is often the case, a difficult night was followed by a bad day. As is often the case Thursday's dramas were mostly caused by a lack of sleep Wednesday night.   On Wednesday night Corey and I got Alexis to sleep at a […]


The "second baby" experiment – the first two weeks

We are now in the third week of baby William’s life outside the womb. Corey is back at work, Alexis is adjusting well and I’m beginning to understand William’s different cries and noises. I’ve been hashing away at this post for most of a week. Sorry about the length but I couldn’t get my head […]