Why pregnant woman are like toddlers

This pregnancy has helped me identify with my 18 month old daughter Alexis in a whole new way. My husband has jokingly said that I act like a toddler at times, and, well, when you look at the facts it’s not surprising really, is it? Here are some of the similarities I’ve noticed between my daughter and I at this stage of our lives.

  • We need to go pee pee a lot, and when we do we don’t always get a lot of warning. (Actually Alexis can hold it longer than I can. How sad is that.)  
  • Do we really have to wear shoes? 
  • We tire out easily.
    • It is not wise to let us get overtired. 
  • We tend to not realise we are tired til we are exhausted. 
    • But if you tell us we’re tired we think you’re a monster. 
  • Falling asleep is quite difficult.
    • We fight sleep every step of the way. 
  • Some days we are ravenous (very hungry), other days we barely eat a thing. 
    • It is not wise to let us get over-hungry. 
  • We have the urge to do it all but sometimes our bodies can’t keep up with our ambition.
    • We don’t take this very well. 
  • We are quite cute, although slightly out of proportion
  • We have extreme emotions:
    • when we’re happy we are on top of the world 
    • but when we are sad we are very sad.
    • When we are angry you will know it. 
    • We are NOT MOODY!!!
  • Some days we want to be cuddled and held, some days we don’t want to be touched.
    • It is your job to know what day it is. 
  • We get cross with you if you can’t read our minds.
  • We are growing fast.
  • Our sense of identity can be a little shaky, so we want to be told we are precious and pretty and clever and loved. 
    • But we don’t want to be patronised. 
  • Spew happens.
  • Poo happens, eventually, but sometimes it can take a bit of effort. (If you value your life don’t rush us when we are trying to poop, OK? )
  • When we cry you might think we’re being silly but our problems are very real to us. (At least for the next five minutes.)
  • You can’t possibly understand our frustration at times.
  • We just want to be understood and taken seriously even if we don’t always understand ourselves.
  •  9 months is a very long time.

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    22 Replies to “Why pregnant woman are like toddlers”

    1. LOL still funny the second time I read this and congrats on going to your own domain honey I'm really proud of you.

      a.k.a Hubby

    2. This is all so true! I had never considered the similarities but every one of those just honed right in on the issues that both pregnant women and toddler deal with!!! It's a wonder we ever go back!

    3. hehehehe, yes 9 months is a VERY long time. I didn't realise I was pregnant with Baby No. 4 until I was 5 months along (you would think I would have figured it out by then wouldn't you!) and so I only had a 4 month pregnancy and it was FANTASTIC! Best pregnancy out of the 4 hahaha

    4. I totally agree, being 39wks along I am so frustrated with everything and everyone. All I want to do is eat,sleep and poop! Much like a baby really

    5. Every word, complete truth. My gosh, I wish I realised it all when I was pregnant with the kids. It explains so much! Man I wish HUSBAND had read this when I was pregnant, it would have guided him to what to say , and what NOT to say!! lol

    6. Oh LOVE IT! especially we are cute, although a little out of proportion, I giggled so much I had to stop reading for a minute. Its amazing how similar you are at this point, best wishes for a safe arrival x

    7. Awww feeling the love. Thanks for the comments everyone. I wasn't sure about this post at first but my darling hubby said it was funny and I should post it. So glad I listened to him (for once) 😉

    8. Very insightful and very funny. Sadly, however, I think I'm suffering from some of the symptoms right now, particularly the falling asleep, tired out, trying to do it all stuff, and I'm neither pregnant, nor a toddler!

    9. So true! I am definitely suffering from a few of them at the moment! maybe even more then a few! Love your humour and honesty x

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