24 Replies to “My beautiful baby boy’s first pics”

  1. Oh, how wonderful. I only ever got one image of the girls and it was in those early weeks when they looked more like a newborn pup! 🙂

  2. Just gorgeous! I had an ultrasound snapshot taken (not a 3D one) of one of mine and and the profile was so gorgeous – the cutest little nose – and I thought to myself 'oh this one must be a girl' as I already had 2 boys but no hahaha it just ended up being a very pretty boy! Not that Im complaining!

  3. Oh it is such a special photo and special time, it is amazing that we can love something so much before they can even be held in out arms.

  4. I loved our 3D scans. I was so amazed how similar my newborns looked to these images. I felt like it was like the precursor to really meeting my baby face-to-face. Congratulations!

  5. That's amazing! I had 3d scans done with Roo (just for "fun"), and then didn't get the fun ones done with the boys because the thought of laying there for an hour when I didn't have to made me feel sick (We had a scan at least every fortnight). So now I only have a few pics of them and I am so sorry I didn't do it!
    Beautiful baby boy!!!

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