Yes we peeked… It’s a …..

So, the moment you've all been waiting for (not really but anyway…) is finally here. The big announcement. We know the sex of our baby. (If you’re wondering, “yeah, so what?”, my post “to peek or not to peek” saying we weren’t sure if we wanted to find out or not sparked a lot of interest.) We ended up finding out at the second morphology scan. Yes it was about a month ago… slack I know but hey I'm telling you now.
Baby Wormy is….

A baby… 

He's a boy!!!

We are all very excited to be having a little boy. Corey is over the moon. Alexis is happy she gets to stay our littlest princess. I feel very lucky to have "one of each". I would have been equally happy if he was a girl, but once I knew he's a boy I've been very excited about "boy things". We aren't real big on gender stereotypes here but that didn't exactly deter us from laybying "blokey" toys for him for Christmas. (Have you seen our gorgeous photos of Alexis and Corey having fun running wild through the toy sale?)

We always said that if we found out the sex it wouldn't change much but it has. It's stopped a lot of staying up all hours of the night wondering. It does also seem easier for Corey and I to bond with a "him" instead of an "it". We HAVE named him but we will keep it to ourselves until he's born. It wasn't really intentional I just can't get this name out of my head. I just hope nobody names their son what we've picked in the meantime. It's always a risk but we want to save some mystery for when he's born.

Unfortunately we don't have any ultrasound photos of baby Wormy because we got our scans done for free at the hospital. It feels weird not having any photos so I think we will have to invest in a 3D scan to get some photos..  I will get them to double check he's a boy there too, just in case they got it wrong the first time. The lady seemed pretty confident but I've heard stories of people getting it wrong! How weird it would be to be expecting a little man and have named him and painted up a door plaque etc and then deliver a girl!  I don’t understand though how they could get it wrong though, its not rocket science is it.  

Anyway, another 15 weeks or so left of this pregnancy. We can hardly wait to meet you baby Wormy. Love you little man.


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  1. Yay! Congratulations! Little boys are wonderful! And you will soon see that even if you aren't into gender stereotypes, they sort of come out themselves, but that is half thhe fun I think.

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