Uncharted milestones

Here are some things that I think should be in baby books that aren't. I wish I'd kept a record of them with Alexis. Maybe I will with Baby Wormy but I probably won't. I have been so slack with Alexis' teething records and height chart let alone anything else. Wouldn't it be fun though to know when your baby first did things like this?
– first put playdough in hair
– first refused the breast
– first refused to go in the highchair
– first pushed another child over
– first said bad dad
– first said dumb mum
– first looked at you like you were on crack
– first cried when you returned from a date because she didn't want to leave her grandparents' house 
– first ran away from you to avoid a nappy change
– first tipped bath water all over you
– first said "Wiggles" and did the wiggles fingers
– first climbed into the fridge to get something specific
– first put favourite soft toy in clothes dryer
– first blew bubbles in the bath
– first tried to insist that she was driving
– first picked up mummy's mobile to call daddy
– first found a present you had intended to hide until Christmas
– first kissed you
– first patted you on the back
– first pulled all the dvds out of the dvd tower
– first pulled all the cds out of the cd rack
– first shoved a foreign object in *insert location of choice such as nose, ear, eye, VCR.*
– first moved the windscreen wiper knob while playing in the car so when you put the keys back in the ignition to wind the windows back up the wipers came on scaring the life out of you

It's amazing how young bubs can be when they master things like this. Don't you think?


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  1. You might like the concept of project life by becky higgins. You'll be able to record stuff like that if you're into photos. It's like scrapbooking but without needing all the prettiness and fuss. It's a gorgeous record.

  2. Great idea! I have been horrible at keeping records of things. Ive taken lots of photos but havent had the time to scrapbook them then i had another 2 kids now ill never remember it all. Imagine if we all took those not so book worthy events. How great would it be for their 21st! hehe

  3. yes!!
    First vomited on nana
    first pulled the cat's tail
    first public poo explosion
    first swearword

    I have been pretty bad at keeping a record. Basically if it's not on my blog, it didn't happen.

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