Fwd: Phone call

How cute is this email I received from my hubby today. He took Alexis to a play centre while I had a quick power nap then I met them there.

———- Forwarded message ———
Subject: Phone call
To: karlee

Hi mummy.

Just wanted to call you to say thanks for letting daddy take me to play. I've climbed up and gone down the slide myself today.

I hope you are having a lovely rest.

I love u so much.



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  1. hehe she has a good vocabulary but it's not that good! she probably said "mumma", and picked up the phone and rambled incoherently. 😉 Corey uses good creative license. Although she does say "yes" and "no" and actually know what she means so we can ask her pretty comprehensive questions and she can answer us. 🙂

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