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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Nothing is sacred

From the early weeks of pregnancy it becomes painfully apparent that your life is no longer your own. This small living thing takes over your body so it is no longer your own. The tiny miracle causes incredible sickness and as he or she grows your body is stretched beyond comfort. Your belly itches. Your […]


Body image for babies?

This is madness. Here we have two shirts. Both are size one. Both are bought from the same shop. They are the standard brand for that shop. The one on top is a girls shirt. It’s white with aqua sleeves. As you can see it is pretty and dainty and cute but teeny tiny. The […]


Winter – I guess it’s not ALL bad

Winter cops a bit of a bad rap at times. Personally I am not a fan. The shortening of day length and cold windy days get me down at times. I thought that being pregnant I would enjoy winter but I still find myself craving the arrival of spring. It's not all bad though, and […]


My all-nighter with the gorgeous blonde

Since my post "old before my time" I have had a couple of good days. I want to blog about those, I really should blog about those, but in typical blogger-mummy style for every good day there's a story that's not so glorious begging to be told. In typical blogger-mummy style a good day is […]