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Monthly Archives: May 2011

When nothing goes to plan (but it turns out good)

We've just had one of those weekends where very little has gone to plan or been as expected. We had planned to work on Alexis' future room, catch up on cleaning, prepare for a garage sale and have a yummy lamb chop bbq with veggies and potato bake. Instead the weather wasn't great and we […]



Facebook. I love it. And I hate it. Facebook is very useful but it is cruel in many ways. It is helpful because I can share links to my blog, allowing me to increase the amount of people who read this. It is interesting because old friends from school and uni and work have looked […]


Bed wars

For the last few weeks Alexis and I have been engaged in "bed wars". I think I'm about ready to admit defeat. She has gotten quite used to sleeping in the queen bed with me. I didn't mind too much when Corey was away, in fact I actually liked it, because we were both sick […]


Protected: Ugly mountain

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