Funny things kids do #2, poo in random places

Funny things kids do #2: poo in random places

So I've decided to do a series on funny things kids do. The first one is on Alexis sleeping in funny places. This post is about the charming places she has decided to poo. Warning, it is gross.

Now, babies where nappies, yes, so fortunately the list of pooey places is relatively limited. Once bub gets over the newborn meconium poops that just go everywhere out the sides of the nappy and up the back, mishaps are limited. That's until bub learns to undo her nappy. Fortunately Alexis doesn't do this yet. My niece (4 months younger)can open hers, so I'm told. I wonder why Alexis hasn't learnt this skill but I'm not in any hurry either.

There was this one time that an accidental mishap occurred.  We three were sitting on the couch watching stargate dvds cuddled up in a blanket. Alexis was only wearing a nappy and a singlet, which is usually does around the house, as it saves on laundry. (It’s not lazy, it’s efficient.) Alexis got up and slid off the couch and started running away which usually indicates she has done a poo.  She avoids us when she is smelly so we don't notice or can't catch her to change her nappy.  I don't know why but she HATES getting her nappy changed, or her face and hands wiped, or her nose wiped. She doesn’t like being cleaned at all. I think its universal.

Anyway, she went to escape but as she was squeezing between Corey's legs and the coffee table I noticed, much to my horror, that one of the sticky tabs from her nappy was caught on the blanket. My fears were confirmed, she had pooped, and it was a doozey. She tried to squirm away, which of course, only made things worse. Corey dealt with the baby and I scrubbed the blanket. Fortunately it was a fleece blanket not one of our nice hand crocheted woolen ones. The poo smears came straight out. Judging by the sounds from the other room Corey was having a harder time cleaning up Alexis. She can be a real stinker at times. (Can I hear a ba-doom-ching?)

We all had a good laugh about it. There's nothing else you can do in that situation other than laugh or be horrified. I personally found it hilarious. I couldn't stop giggling like a little school girl. It was, afterall, an accident.

It is a bit different when Alexis poos in her clam pool, in the bath or in the shower. I accidentally laugh. I can't help myself, but its not behavior we want to encourage.  Now fortunately Alexis never poos in public pools or family pools. We have special swim nappies for her anyway but she doesn't poo in them. In the buff though is a different story.

The first time Alexis pood in her clam pool in the backyard was kinda funny. She didn't act as if she'd done a poo and by the time I noticed it I had no idea how long it'd been there. It served me right for letting her in naked. But kids need a bit of nudy time. It didn't really bother me, I just scooped it into the wheelie bin with an old cup (threw the cup out) and tipped the water out. End of swim. Alexis then got a bath, which she thought was great.

The next time she did it she was kinda proud of herself, which did not impress me.

She pooped in the shower with me in there once. Not cool, but I did find it funny. Woops.

The funniest story is one day we were having a nice lazy rainy Sunday. Corey wanted a bath to loosen up a bit. I wanted to go buy nice fresh bread to make sandwiches for lunch. I didn't want to take Alexis with me in the rain. The logical solution was for Alexis to jump in the nice warm bubble bath with her daddy.

I was gone for all of twenty minutes. I returned to utter chaos. Corey was absolutely mortified. He threw a nappy-clad Alexis at me. "This belongs to you. I'm having a shower."

When he had calmed down he filled me in on what had happened. Alexis had pooed in the bath, with him in it. So he got her out and shoved her in the shower and she pooed in the shower.  Being a man, Corey totally freaked out. He had pretty much drowned the bathroom in pine-o-clean. The smell was terrible, but hey at least he cleaned up. I am still impressed he didn’t just leave it for me to deal with. He must have been tempted to! I couldn’t believe how much had unraveled while I was gone though, I was only gone for twenty minutes!

I thought it was hilarious. I laughed at his reaction and how flustered he got. I hate changing dirty nappies, but somehow I wasn't repulsed by his story. Probably because it didn't happen to me.

Unfortunately, our little  princess now thinks that pooing in the bath is funny. The other day I was bathing her because she made a mess of herself eating her lunch (spaghetti). I'd cleaned her up and was just letting her play, keeping an eye on her while I cleaned up the highchair. Yes I took the highchair into the bathroom. It's called time efficiency. The toilet is in a separate room so its just the bath, shower and basin.

Alexis, thinking she was oh so very clever, stood up (purely so I could see) and did a wee and a poo simultaneously. She jabbered on as if to say, "see that mummy, aren't I clever!"

I TRIED not to laugh. I turned away and had a chuckle. I pulled her out and put her in the shower. I don't want encourage this behavior, so I tried to keep my game face on. "Alexis, pooing in the bath is wrong."  Inside I was giggling like a little school girl.

Maybe if she knows she is pooing I should try her with a potty. It's too early isn't it? I tried to sit her on one a while ago, because she was showing interest. She (nappy-free) climbed off and squatted in the corner of the room. Sure enough, she pooped on the floor. That was probably the beginning of all of this. Shame on me.

Pooing in inappropriate places, it's just one of those funny things kids do. Where have your little cherubs left you presents?


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  1. Mackenna pooed at her swimming lesson the other day!! Lets just say swim nappies are very effective and thankfully Daddy has been taking her swimming the last few weeks so he got to deal with the mess! He was grateful I had wipes in her swimming bag (which ive never had to use and almost took out the week before!)

  2. hehe!! Fantastic post. We've had the public swimming pool. Totally embarrassing. I'd settle for anywhere at home any day!! LOL! 🙂

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