Can I blab yet?

I’m thirteen weeks tomorrow. My morning sickness seems to be getting worse, not stopping. Still it’s not too bad this time around. For my first pregnancy I was physically sick multiple times a day for the first five months, even with anti-sickness meds. It was so bad I used to say I was never going to go through pregnancy again. Well here we are, thirteen weeks into second pregnancy and no major issues so far. Of course my husband would probably disagree, saying that constant tiredness and the emotional capacity of a teaspoon are major issues. Sure they are unpleasant but not as much as a permanent date with the porcelain throne.

Being thirteen weeks into pregnancy we have now told in person most people we have been in contact with lately. It’s nice to not have to keep our little secret any more. Very soon our exciting news is going to be plastered on Facebook. Also I will be “going public” with the news on my main blog. I’m not sure yet whether I will keep this blog going or not. This blog was to give me an outlet to express the things I wanted to put on my main blog but couldn’t without giving the secret away. I have grown quite fond of this little blog so I’m not going to delete it but I’ve done so much work on my other blog it’s most likely I’ll just focus on that. Still keep checking from time to time or “follow” if you like. 🙂

You can check out my main blog at the mother experiment.


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