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Monthly Archives: March 2011

funny things kids do #1: sleep in random places

This was written yesterday (30/3) but this is the first chance I’ve had to post it Well this is just weird. Alexis woke up from her nap (as I was just about to drift off to sleep of course) a fair while ago. I got her back to sleep but when I went to put […]


night wakings

These night wakings are really grating on me. I have so much trouble sleeping at night. We just got our one year old sleeping through before I fell pregnant, and I had a few blissful nights of 8 hours uninterupted sleep. It was bliss. My excitement was short-lived though because soon after the pregnancy hormones […]


Dreamworld, for anyone interested

Ok, for anyone who is interested in how the Dreamworld adventure went, it was all in all a pretty good day. This is not a paid review by the way, I don’t do those. We had golden moments, we had a few panicky moments (I can explain..), and there were boring times where I just […]


of teeth, human and dinosaur

Why is it that when we have a big day planned Alexis happens to wake up at 5 and be miserable? It’s not really her fault. At 13 months old she is finally getting her first top tooth. As we welcome tooth number four it looks huge compared to her tiny little mouth. I’ve written […]