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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mothering a toddler

Also letting you know there’s an update on the “scientific findings” page. Well it’s official, my darling baby girl is now a whole year old. That helpless, innocent, defenseless pink blob that came from my very body and cuddled in so tight is now a strong, independent, cheeky toddler. She is still the most adorable […]


Fresh air, water, dirt, good for growth.

Today was full of adventures. There were a more than a few utterances of “should have stayed in bed today” but also some lovely moments as well. Corey had to leave an hour earlier this morning, so we all got up an hour earlier. The extra bit of daylight was quite nice really, although I […]


Modern technology, wonderful isn’t it

Hi all, so I’ve been very quiet for a week. Yes I’ve been busy, I’ve also been unwell (stupid cold) but also I have been without the aide of my phone. I was never the sort of person who was glued to a mobile phone, until I got a good one. One with an internet […]


This time last year

This time last year I was due to give birth to Alexis. I didn’t know she was Alexis yet. We decid ed to not find out the sex of the baby (“Leechy” as we affectionately named it) until he or she was born. So I had many sleepless nights just lying there thinking about what […]