no naps for “mum mum mum mum”

So the germs that have turned my darling angel into a miserable snot monster are trying to bring me down. Must be my turn to be sick. Except mothers don’t have time to be sick. Life must go on. There are meals to prepare, mouths to feed, messes to clean, nappies to change, cuddles to give, tantrums to be endured, songs to sing, stories to read, clothes to wash, expeditions to supervise, and dummies to sterilise. There is also a husband to pay attention to and personal hygiene to be attended to as much as possible.

Somehow I must learn to soldier on with little sleep, little sympathy and because I don’t want to pass them on through breastmilk, no medicines. My loving husband is beginning to understand how much work babies actually are, so he has tried to help out this weekend as much as possible to give me the strength to tackle the week ahead. The best med-free way to beat colds is to eat and sleep well. Alexis still needs me at night when she is feeling the worst, because she gets herself in a sleep, feed cycle, you know, sleep, feed, sleep, feed, repeat. A father’s love is wonderful, but I am, afterall, the only one with the boobs, well the mamary glands at least.

So to help me regain sleep I have spent the vast majority of the weekend trying to sleep during the day. Corey has tried to play with her while I rest. This is great, in theory. But it hasn’t worked. Alexis has a radar, or something. An inbuilt system that tells her when I’m asleep, or very almost asleep. It instructs her to cry uncontrollably or shout “mum mum mum” until she has woken me up. It doesn’t matter to her that her father is there wanting to give me a break. They can be happily playing with me out of sight but as soon as I drift off to sleep, the tantrums start. Even if she was in a deep sleep herself. It’s uncanny. She is very, gifted? She never needed anything from me, she wasn’t wet or dirty or hungry or anything. She would happily ignore me again once I acknowledged her, she just didn’t want me to sleep. Cheeky monkey. I feel honoured that I mean so much to her, but I do sometimes find myself wishing she’d love me just that little bit less. At least for a little while!


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